Raising the Level of Professionalism

Highly skilled and continually trained professionals

We are professionals in the chauffeured transportation trade. We expect our people and processes to reflect the same level of professionalism our clients expect from their employees. As a B2B service provider, our goal is to become an extension of your travel management or logistics department. To ensure we continue to perform at a high level for clients, we focus on continual improvement in key areas, including:

Chauffeur Group – We attract and retain the best chauffeur talent available. Our chauffeurs are career chauffeurs. Before donning a black suit, white shirt and dark tie for CityCar Services Worldwide, chauffeurs undergo pre-hire drug testing, criminal background checks and DOT physicals. They are then vetted on the basis of exhaustive local knowledge, impeccable standards of discretion, and professionalism across a variety of cultural standards. Once hired, we conduct random drug screening and annual license checks. Our training includes advanced work in hospitality, and defensive driving and safety, to increase our chauffeurs’ already considerable skills.

Our chauffeurs make it their business to know the “best of” the cities they serve, providing “mobile concierge” services, with advice on where to dine, where to shop and what to see and do.

Logistics Specialists – We do more than transport VIPs from point A to point B. We manage the unexpected, delivering white-glove assistance when your travel needs go beyond a car and chauffer. Our logistics staff is trained to anticipate challenges and coordinate the complexities of large group, multi-stop events. Whether coordinating seamless service, ensuring that each executive in a group gets into the proper vehicle, or making certain the next location is aware of and ready for the executive’s arrival, we stay in control of the details to make even the most complex ground travel requirements run like clockwork.

Customer Service – CityCar is much more than a service provider. Because we empower our people to be problem solvers and partners, they often become trusted extensions of the client’s logistics department. When you call a CCS company, the phone will be answered by one of our own well trained employees. We have a worldwide network of ground transportation providers who hold to similarly high standards of service, so our clients can get the ground transportation they need 24/7, wherever they are on earth.

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Technology is more than an amenity

It’s the way we do business

Making it easy for you to work with us is our goal, so we take reservations via phone, email, fax and online. We create new client records for all clients, complete with passenger preferences and confirmations are sent via email or fax.

Our vehicles are Wi-Fi hotspots, equipped with complimentary iPads for use during the ride. Our fleet is integrated with a state-of-the-art satellite tracking and dispatch system around the clock. Dispatchers constantly monitor our vehicles, staying linked with chauffeurs and coordinating schedules with real-time FAA flight tracking, major rail line schedule data and traffic information to ensure on-time service.

Direct Bill Accounts are entered into our systems by department, contact, group, or cost center, according to your needs. Invoices can be sent electronically or printed and forwarded in a batch. Credit card clients are sent a receipt by either fax or email (client choice) for trip charges processed to credit cards. Our system offers over 50 types of reports, and we can customize any reports or even export data to your internal systems.

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Quality equals attention to detail

Certified: Safe and Reliable for Industry

We can tell you that CityCar Services Worldwide sets a very high standard for our people, systems and processes—or that we exceed industry standards in training. We can tell you about our quality assurance program, which includes mystery passengers and unannounced spot inspections. We can tell you how reliable we are, or that we carry industry-leading $5 million per-traveler insurance coverage. But how can you know objectively that we really are those things?

We are an ISNetworld certified approved vendor. ISN is an organization that collects safety, quality and regulatory information from us, verifies its accuracy, and then publishes the results in its proprietary database.

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